I Believe In Redefining What's Possible for Lawyer Moms. 
Your Family, Health, and Happiness Deserve Nothing Less.

Hi, I’m Charise. 

Not too long ago, I was struggling as a practicing lawyer and a mom with young kids.  

I had checked all the boxes. Graduated from Georgetown Law. Got a Big Law job at a top DC firm. Got married. Bought a house. Started a family. 

But then I hit a wall. 

Trying to do my job well and be a good mom took everything I had. 

My days were filled with exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress. This affected everything: my work, my family life, my health.

I knew I had to do something – but I wasn’t sure what.

Then, Everything changed.

I knew I couldn’t continue with the status quo.

So, I tried a lot of different things. Through trial and error, I found different ways to make Lawyer Mom life easier – and better.

After mastering some key skills (that they don’t teach in law school), things shifted both at work and at home.

I got clear about what I wanted for my future and started to make adjustments to my work arrangement and my role. 

My home life improved dramatically, as I developed skills that I needed to manage motherhood as a lawyer.

I began to share what I was learning with others and they saw dramatic improvements in their lives and careers, too.

That’s when I realized: Every Lawyer Mom needs these skills to get the career and the life she really wants.

My Mission

I believe in challenging the status quo of overwork in the legal profession that causes so many lawyers to burn out.

I do this by creating thoughtful, tailored, and creative work solutions for individual lawyers.

It's unique, professional 1:1 coaching and it's changing lives, families, and workplaces.​

Career Happiness

Let's face it: nothing else works when you're unhappy at work. It's very common for Lawyer Moms to need to make a change in their careers.

From minor adjustments to your work arrangement to a major pivot, this program provides tailored guidance on your specific career situation.

Because your time with your family is too valuable to be mired by misery from work. 


You need to be in the driver's seat of your career and your life. But most Lawyer Moms feel like they've lost control.


My service-centered approach to leadership shows you how to take control of what you can control in a way that helps you and everyone around you to thrive. 

Goals & Growth

It's common for lawyer moms to lose sight of their goals and to get stagnated in their careers. But growth is a critical component of happiness and a long, prosperous career. 

I help you to clearly identify your goals for this chapter of life and give you the strategies you need to continue to grow personally and professionally for optimum performance and happiness. 

A Multi-Dimensional Life

Before you were a Mom and a Lawyer, you were a multi-dimensional person who had many different interests. But the weight of parenthood and professional responsibilities can be crushing and leaves little room for YOU.


In this program, you'll reconnect to your whole self to create a truly balanced and healthy version of Lawyer Mom life. 

Create the career & motherhood you always wanted.