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Are you struggling as a Lawyer Mom?
I was too.

Not too long ago, I was practicing law and trying to be present with my kids. I was deeply unhappy but I didn’t know what to do. 

I had checked all the boxes. Graduated from Georgetown Law. Got a job at a top DC firm. Got married. Bought a house. Had 2 kids. But I was miserable.  

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. I felt utterly trapped and confused. 

This misery affected everything. My health. My family life. My work. 

It didn’t seem like there was a way out.   

I tried a lot of things. Most of them didn’t work, but a few worked surprisingly well. 

After learning some key skills (that they don’t teach in law school), my life began to get easier and I felt much happier and more empowered both at work and at home. 

I took control of my career in a new way. I got clear about what I wanted for my future. My home life improved dramatically, as I developed skills that I needed to manage motherhood as a lawyer. 

I shared what I was learning with others and they saw dramatic improvements in their lives and careers, too. Happiness was no longer something we were striving for. We were already living it. 

Every Lawyer Mom needs these skills. To love your life while simultaneously advancing your career.

You've worked hard to get here.  
Now is the time to enjoy your family AND your career.  

I’ve identified a specific process that replicates the transformation I experienced so that Lawyer Moms everywhere can get unstuck and get happy. 

A bubblebath doesn’t fix this problem. 

Work-life balance doesn’t fix this problem.

The solution is inside the Happy Law Mom program. 

Join us and create the career & motherhood you always envisioned.