Can You Find Work That Fits Motherhood?

The pandemic and she-cession are continuing in full force.

The stories we hear on the news are discouraging. The statistics are even worse.

What’s a working mom to do?

The message that is being given to women is that they don’t have options.

They feel like they’re forced to choose between being with their children and their careers.

That’s not a choice that women should have to make.

And what if it’s a choice that’s not even necessary?

What if there is a third option?

What if it’s possible to find work that fits your motherhood – even during Covid?

I know it exists because I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen moms go from crazy hours to calm.

I’ve seen them go from full-time to part-time.

And I’ve seen them go from employee to self-employed and thriving.

I’ve seen them choose their schedules so that they can do both: career and motherhood.

On THEIR terms. And getting paid well.

These stories are not what you see in the news. But they are just as real.

They aren’t the majority. But I hope that someday, they will be.

If you’re ready to find work that fits your motherhood, let’s talk. Schedule a free call with me and let’s talk about YOU.

We’ll look at your specific situation and I’ll help you create a plan for how to get what you want in your career.

So you can have the work and motherhood that you want.

Because that’s a choice that you should not have to make.

Stay well,

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