Live Grow Bloom 
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thrive in your career

Are you ready to create the change you've been seeking?

Week 1: Take Control of Your Career 

How your brain’s default setting is keeping you from taking control of your life and career — and what you can do to change it

Week 2: Thriving Where You Are

Create the motivation and drive you need to take action and thrive right where you are

Week 3: Get Clear on What’s Important

Define your core values and current top priorities and learn how to start living in alignment with those values and priorities

Week 4: Harness Your Strengths

Discover how to harness your natural strengths to increase your energy, engagement, creativity, and flow in your work

Week 5: Define Your Goals and Strategy

Get clear on what you want for the long term and create a strategy for overcoming obstacles to achieve your desired results 

Week 6: Creating Confidence to

Thrive at Work

Learn how to pursue your goals and overcome obstacles with greater confidence in yourself and your abilities  

Week 7: Making Good Decisions

Learn how to make decisions in your career from a place of strength to successfully navigate toward your desired outcomes 

Week 8: What’s Holding You Back

Discover the limiting beliefs that are currently impeding your progress and learn how to break through those beliefs to start taking action and moving forward

Week 9: Thriving in Your Relationships

at Work

Master tools and strategies for thriving in your relationships with people at work and in your life 

Week 10: Becoming the Next Version of You

Learn how to expand your own potential and accelerate your growth so that you can become who you want to be – the next version of you!

Week 11: Defining Your Own Success

Define your own expectations for success in a way that will support your own growth and enjoyment, while also helping you achieve your desired results

Week 12: Empowering Yourself

in Your Career & Your Life

Get crystal clear on what you require to succeed and empower yourself with the tools and strategies that will allow you to sustainably meet those needs on the road ahead  

I'm ready to thrive in my career!