Make Lawyer Mom Life Happier

Leave the misery behind and get what you want at work and at home

You're a Lawyer and a Mom.
You want to be happier at work and at home.

The Happy Law Mom Program shows you how. 

Personalized Guidance to Your Goal

Are you a lawyer mom who wants a work situation that fits your motherhood like a glove? Whether you want a new job, a new practice, or adjustments to your current job, you’re in the right place. 

To get from where you are now to where you want to be, you need 3 things: (1) a streamlined roadmap to your destination; (2) a tailor-made method for overcoming your unique challenges; and (3) the skills required to arrive and thrive at your new destination. 

The Happy Law Mom Coaching Program helps you with all of these faster and easier than going it alone.

In weekly 1:1 calls, you get personalized support in mapping out the exact steps that will get you to your desired destination, dissolving any challenges along the way, and acquiring the skills you need to flourish when you get there. 

Group Coaching

In addition to 1:1 calls focused on your specific destination, we also gather for weekly group coaching calls on the work and life issues that are getting in the way. We also have a special call reserved each week for lawyer moms who want to build the skill of getting clients and growing their practices.  

You’ll have the opportunity to bring your questions, be coached personally by me, and receive the benefit of learning from other lawyer moms who are struggling with similar issues. 

Group Members find these calls impactful and transformative. They walk away from every call feeling better and knowing exactly what they need to do next to get the results they want.  When you experience this level of powerful coaching, your outlook on what’s possible for you will be forever changed. 


We were never meant to do this alone.

The Happy Law Mom Coaching Program brings together like-minded Lawyer Moms in a confidential, supportive, and high-vibe community.

You won’t find commiseration here. What you’ll find is a group of warm and welcoming lawyer moms who are learning how to getting more of what they want, while encouraging others to do the same. 

Tools & Skills

In law school, you learned how to think like a lawyer. 

In this program, you learn how to think like a happy lawyer who knows how to get what she wants. 

These tools and skills will transform the way you approach any challenge that you may face in your life and career. 

the Details

Weekly 1:1 and Group Coaching Calls on Lawyer Mom Life Issues

Weekly 1:1 and Group Coaching Calls on Career Issues

Online Coaching & Support

Online Forum for Community Engagement of Like-Minded Lawyer Moms

What Lawyer Moms 
Are Saying

I was in a difficult work situation when fate intervened and I met Charise. Her approach was instrumental in allowing me to change my view of the situation, giving me the power to take control. I am more content in my current work situation and I’ve applied her approach to non-career related issues with the same positive results. I highly recommend Charise!
Lawyer & Mother of 3
I’ve always felt that, as a former lawyer herself, Charise really “gets” me. Charise has been instrumental in helping me develop a new way of thinking that serves me so much better than my automatic negative self-judgments. Charise is a deep listener who brings up such powerful insights that I experience a shift right on our calls. I’ve particularly appreciated Charise’s coaching on my challenges as a Mom of 2 kids who’ve had issues adjusting to young adulthood. Charise has helped me move from resistance and a desire to control to being a Mom who is more accepting, loving and appreciative. I’d highly recommend Charise as the perfect coach for lawyer Moms.
Lawyer & Mother of 2
This program has changed my entire outlook on life. 
I feel so much more prepared to handle lawyer mom life after this.
Lawyer & Mother of twins
This is preventative medicine for Lawyer Moms. I'm recommending this to so many of my friends. We need this.
Lawyer & Mother of 2

 Join us and get happy.

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