navigating a career change and NEW business VENTURE while taking a New Approach to MOTHERHOOD

As a former lawyer, I’ve carried my judging, self-critical lawyer brain forward into my new life. So I’ve been incredibly thankful to have Charise by my side as my coach to help me build awareness of all the ways my lawyer brain likes to make me miserable. 

I’ve always felt that, as a former lawyer herself, Charise really “gets” me. She easily understands the way my mind works and the paths I tend to wander down. Charise has been instrumental in helping me develop a new way of thinking that serves me so much better than my automatic negative self-judgments.
Charise is a deep listener who usually lets me speak for awhile, and then brings up such powerful insights that I experience a shift right on our calls. We’ve had a lot of good chuckles about my brain. That’s what relief feels like.

I’ve particularly appreciated Charise’s coaching on my challenges as a Mom of 2 kids who’ve had issues adjusting to young adulthood. Charise has helped me move from resistance and a desire to control to being a Mom who is more accepting, loving and appreciative. I’d highly recommend Charise as the perfect coach for lawyer Moms.



Happier At Work and At Home WHILE finding A NEW JOB

I was in a difficult work situation when fate intervened and I met Charise. Her thought model approach was instrumental in allowing me to change my view of the situation, giving me the power to take control over my thoughts and feelings instead of feeling like events were happening to me.

With her assistance, I am now focused on finding “the right next job” and have an action plan to do so. I am also more content in my current work situation, which lets me feel like I have the time to locate a job that maintains my desired work/life balance.  Plus, I’ve applied her thought model approach to non-career related issues with the same positive results.  I highly recommend Charise!



The thing that stands out the most from my work with Charise is just how incredibly efficient it was!  I left every session with what felt like a groundbreaking revelation that has allowed me to shift my life in more positive, productive and joyful directions. She helped me unpack and re-write the core beliefs and habits that I have been bumping up against as long as I can remember.


FINDING A NEW JOB AND stepping into a new role as a working Mom

In just a few sessions with Charise, I started to see transformation! Charise helped me define clear goals – getting back to work being one of them – and implement ways to make these happen! I knew I was lacking focus and organization as a mom of 4 year old twins.  She provided practical tools that helped me find time and focus almost immediately. In fact, applying these tools, I was able to find a new position and return to work at a job that I really enjoy! Her gracious nature and relevant analogies made it so easy to digest and implement these tools and I know they will stick with me for life. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Charise and highly recommend her as a coach and guide!


making a MID-CAREER CHANGE to spend more time with FAMILY

Working with Charise gave me a safe place to explore a career change.  In a short time we were able to explore all possible ideas of optional careers, then work to narrow down a few possible ones, and then execute a plan of next steps to go after my dream job.  Charise has a way of being extremely compassionate and warm while still keeping me moving forward and accountable on my next steps and goals that put my next career within reach.  

Update: “I have amazing news to share.  I just accepted an offer for my dream job!  I am so overwhelmed with excitement!” 



I was stuck in a rut, feeling rudderless and paralyzed.  From the first session, Charise helped me see beyond my self-doubt. I ended the program with a personalized plan and defined goals that are guiding me toward what I want to accomplish. 

Charise used her intelligence, instincts, communication skills, and professional expertise to help me overcome setbacks, stay focused, and pin down what I wanted to work on.

If you have ever been part of a sports team, you know a good coach does more than outline how a game is won.  A good coach guides, inspires, and empowers their athletes.  Just as in sport, you get out of coaching what you put into it.  Charise is helping me get the most out of my efforts with her inspired coaching.