What Future Are You Creating Today?

You’re creating your future by what you do today, whether you realize it or not.  

That’s because your future is created both by what you do or by what you don’t do.  Declining to deliberately create your future is a decision to create your future by default.   It’s an invitation for more of the same or to let outside circumstances create your results. And most of the time, those results are not what you really want.

It’s Going To Be Hard Either Way 

Why is it so hard to make choices about our future?  The word “decide” comes from the Latin word decidere, which literally means “to cut off.”  When we decide, we cut ourselves off from other options.  That feels scary to our brains.  We fear missing out on the path not taken.   

But what our brains don’t tell us is that not deciding is actually far worse in the long run.  When we don’t decide we are also cutting ourselves off from what we really want.  It’s nearly impossible to create the results we really want without intentionally choosing them.  Those of us who spin our wheels in indecision can find that years go by and we’re not any closer to the results we want.  

So either way, it’s going to be hard.  It’s hard to decide that you want certain things and cut off the rest.  And it’s hard to not decide and then not get what you want.  The difference is that when you decide what you want and deliberately create your future, you end up with results that you love.  Results like a career that you adore, learning how to play an instrument, publishing a book, traveling the world.

If it’s going to be hard either way, which results would you rather have?  

The Time Is Now

Regardless of what your brain may tell you, it’s not too late to decide to create a future that you love. In fact, decision happens in an instant, so you can decide what you want right now.

The results you get in the future will come from the commitment you make today, the plan that you create now, and how you implement that plan.  But the first step is deciding and committing, which you can do now.

The present moment is the only time that we can currently control.  If you realize that, it’s easy to see that the next year, five years, or decade of your life depends on the decisions that you make TODAY.  

Now is the perfect time to ask yourself:  What future do I want to create for myself?  What life and career do I want?  And what do I need to do to get there?  

Plant that seed today, water it, and give it lots of sunshine, and you’ll be delighted with the results you create in the future.

Have a beautiful week.



P.S.  If you need help deciding what’s next or creating a future that you love, let’s talk in a free strategy session.  You’ll walk away with clarity and motivation to begin creating a deliberate future.  Your future self will thank you later.    

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