What They Don’t Teach In Law School Is Hurting Your Career

When we decide to go to law school (and hand over $100k+ for our degrees), we have an expectation that we will learn what we need to know to succeed as a lawyer.

We learn how to read case law. We learn how to issue spot. We learn how to research the law. We learn how to write briefs and memos.

But what we DON’T learn is how to practice on our own two feet. How to get our own clients. How to create our own opportunities.

We’re told we have to get on a “track” that will lead us to someplace better than here. There is no thought about whether this will lead us to what WE want. There is no consideration about whether doing this will make us happy in the long term.

But with staggering student loan debt, we’re terrified of making a mistake. So we hop on the treadmill and don’t look back.

Until we reach a breaking point.

For some people, it happens early. For others, it happens when they have children. Regardless of the timing, a breaking point eventually arrives for many lawyers. It usually happens at a very inconvenient time.

The breaking point occurs when lawyers realize that they’ve been using skills they don’t even really enjoy using. And they’re NOT using the skills that would make work feel like play. And that they’re lacking skills that will help them find opportunities on their terms. Because law school didn’t prepare us for this.

Many lawyers sink into depression when they realize that what they’re doing isn’t what they want to do. They stay stuck. They try to distract themselves just to get by. They may may even turn to substances as a balm.

But there’s another option: Learn the skills that law school didn’t teach you.

Learn what you need to create the opportunities YOU want.

It’s a totally different approach than what we learned from on-campus interviews.

It’s a new skill set that enables you to create the work situation of your dreams.

This is what I teach my clients in my Happy At Work Coaching Program. Consider it the seventh semester of law school – but WAY more fun.

It’s fun because we’re working on getting you EXACTLY what you want. So that you can be happier at work and finally enjoy this career you’ve worked so hard for.

If this sounds appealing to you, let’s have a call (totally free to you) and I’ll help you get clarity on what you really want, what’s getting in your way, and the exact skills you need to get it.

This program is almost full, so if you’re wanting to do this, click here to reserve your free call with me.

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