Work With Me

Tired of struggling as a Lawyer Mom?

Join a small group of women
who are learning how to make Lawyer Mom life better

We meet each week on Zoom for coaching and community. 

We solve the problems that keep lawyer moms feeling stuck and unhappy. We work on career, life, all of it. 

It’s fun, it’s confidential, and it’s life-changing. 

Who is this for?

Are you a licensed lawyer? (Non-practicing attorneys are welcome)

Are you a mother? 

Are you looking for a way to make lawyer mom life happier, easier, and better? 

That’s what we’re doing here. 


Why do I need this?

Being a mom and a lawyer is a tough combination.

Nobody teaches you how to do both.

Most Lawyer Moms feel like they’re drowning.

I was there, too. Until, I created a process that made Lawyer Mom life easier.

The result? I got MUCH happier. More efficient and effective at work. More relaxed and present at home.

I now teach this process in my signature group coaching program, Happy Law Mom.

–  First, I show you how to fix what’s not working at home, so that you can do less and relax more. 
–  Then, I help you get what you want at work. Sometimes this means getting a new job but many women find they don’t need a new job to feel happier after going through this program. 
–  Finally, I show you how to add more joy to your daily life.

This program helps Lawyer Moms get better results with less effort.

Their relationships improve. Their careers soar. They get happier than they’ve ever been.

I will show you how to do this, too. 

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