Bubblebaths don't fix Lawyer Mom stress. Transformation does.

 Join the movement of Lawyer Moms who are ending Lawyer Mom misery and getting happier. 

Being a mom and a lawyer is a tough combination.

You feel like you’re drowning. 

Because you are. 

I was there, too. Until, I created a process that made Lawyer Mom life easier.

The result? I got MUCH happier. More efficient and effective at work. More relaxed and present at home.

I now teach this process in my signature group coaching program, Happy Law Mom.

The Happy Law Mom Program

The Happy Law Mom Program is a holistic group coaching program that addresses all of the struggles that keep Lawyer Moms feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. 

Career affects family life and vice versa. The solution?  We work on all of it in a process designed specifically for Lawyer Moms.

This program helps Lawyer Moms get better results faster and with less effort.

Their relationships improve. Their careers soar. 

They get happier than they’ve ever been.

I will show you how to do this, too. 

What Other Lawyer Moms 
Are Saying

This is preventative medicine for lawyer moms. 
We need this.
Lawyer & Mother of 2
This program has changed my entire outlook on life. 
I feel so much more prepared to handle lawyer mom life after this.
Lawyer & Mother of 2