Bubblebaths don't fix Lawyer Mom stress. Transformation does.

 Join the movement of Lawyer Moms who are ending Lawyer Mom misery and getting happier. 

Being a mom and a lawyer is a tough combination.

You feel like you’re drowning.  

I was there, too. Until I created a process to find real work solutions in the legal field that are compatible with Mom life.  

The result? I got MUCH happier. I enjoyed my work more. I was more relaxed and happy at home.

Now, I teach other Lawyer Moms how to do the same thing in my signature coaching program, Happy Law Mom. 

What’s your dream job?

The Happy Law Mom Program is a holistic coaching program that takes lawyer moms from miserable to happy at work. 

There are 5 common work solutions: 

  1. New Schedule: Work less and watch your happiness levels soar. 
  2. New Work Environment: Feeling like a fish out of water? The right work environment will change that. 
  3. New Clients: Find your own clients and steer the direction of your career. 
  4. New Role: Repackage your skills into a role that’s the perfect match for you now. 
  5. New Career Outside the Law: Lawyers can thrive in roles outside of the law – when they know how!  

Regardless of the path, the destination is always a tailor-made solution that fits you and your life now

The Happy Side Effects

When Lawyer Moms find that their current work situation is untenable and decide to enroll in my program, they experience a complete transformation.

They develop a whole new skill set that transforms their work lives and helps them create their ideal work situation (often bearing little or no resemblance to their prior jobs).   

Here’s what they also experience: 

  1. More time to enjoy their children and families: Your career solution is tailored to what you care about most. 
  2. Better health: More time for sleep, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. 
  3. Energy and vitality: When you’re doing energizing work you love (instead of being drained by work), vitality returns and you begin to feel like yourself again, at work and at home.  
  4. Hobbies and fun: Yes, you read that right. Happy Law Moms are having FUN. Some even go searching for new hobbies because they finally have time for themselves.   
  5. Better relationships: Fixing work issues and learning a new set of leadership skills spills over to the home front, leading to lasting positive changes in marriages and family relationships. 

Isn't Overwork inherent in a Legal Career?

My clients are living proof that there’s another way. 

You can create a successful legal career on your terms. 

You just need the proven formula and the right support to make it happen for you. That’s exactly what the Happy Law Mom Program does for you.

What Other Lawyer Moms 
Are Saying

I got a new job. My marriage improved. 
My health improved. My confidence improved. 
This program has changed so much for me.
Lawyer & Mother of 2
This is preventative medicine for lawyer moms. 
We need this.
Lawyer & Mother of 2