Nobody teaches you how to succeed as a lawyer AND a mom. Until now.

Join the movement of Lawyer Moms who are creating a better way. 

Being a mom and a lawyer is a tough combination.

You feel like you’re drowning.  

I was there, too. Until I created a process to find real work solutions in the legal field that are compatible with family life.  

The result? My career took off while I simultaneously enjoyed more time with my family.

Now, I teach other Lawyer Moms how to do the same thing in my signature coaching program. 

Are you ready to live and work better?  

Three Career Paths: 
Which one is right for YOU?

Not every Lawyer Mom wants the same thing.

And cookie-cutter solutions don’t cut it at this stage of your career. 

This unique program helps you reach the 3 most common career goals for Lawyer Moms. 

Tailored for you and your life. 

Level-Up Your Career

You want to shine in your career, but it’s not easy to do when you’re a lawyer and a parent.

You want to take your career to the next level without sacrificing time for your family and your health. 

This program gives you actionable, practical solutions to level-up your career faster and easier. 

Find the Right Fit

You have different goals and priorities now than you did as a law school grad – and you need a different strategy to find work that fits your current life. 

That means the right role, the right work environment, and the right schedule. 

This program gives you the actionable, tailored strategies that will help you find the work arrangement that fits like a glove.

Own It

Nothing gives you career freedom like the ability to acquire and serve your own clients. 

For Lawyer Moms who are ready for a new level of agency, this program shows you how to to develop genuine, service-based strategies that help busy lawyer parents build their book of business so you can enjoy greater autonomy.

The Happy Side Effects

When Lawyer Moms decide to enroll in my program, they experience a complete transformation.

Here’s are some of the benefits: 

  1. High-quality family time: You had a family so you can see them. This program helps you protect and enhance the time with those you care about most. 
  2. Career advancement: When you start to shine at work, you get the clients, promotions, bonuses, raises, and visibility that you want. 
  3. Wellbeing: You can’t be a good lawyer or mom when your wellbeing is at risk. When we address and eliminate the obstacles to health and wellbeing, energy and vitality return. 
  4. Stronger relationships:  When lawyer moms learn critical leadership skills for success, their relationships with colleagues and family members get stronger. That’s better for everyone. 
  5. More fun: Yes, you read that right. Happy Law Moms are having FUN and taking up new hobbies. We’re happiest when we have multifaceted lives and this program shows you how to create that even when you’re a lawyer mom. 

What Other Lawyer Moms 
Are Saying

"I'm working 50% less and making the same money I was making before. This has allowed me the flexibility to be available for my family, to enjoy my children, and gave me time back with my husband that I did not know I was missing."
Lawyer & Mother of 4
"I had been thinking that I had to leave my job to find the balance that I wanted, but I am actually still with my same company, on a very generous, very flexible reduced schedule, working from home... My relationship with my husband is about a million times better because I don't feel like I'm carrying the weight of world (anymore)."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"I wasn't very connected to senior management in my department and it was very difficult to get the visibility I needed to succeed... Fast forward to today and I feel that I am a very integral part of the team at work. I have great visibility and am getting great opportunities to raise my own profile. [After this Program], it feels like there was a magic shift, where I now I'm on the right track... It really helped me find my voice and find it in a way that felt genuine to me... And I got a really amazing, outstanding review... coming from the senior levels of the department."
Lawyer & Mother of 3
"My way of thinking has totally shifted after this program... The tools that I learned were so incredibly helpful that I don't really even feel like I'm the same person anymore... it's completely changed the way that I approach things at work. I feel so much more confident about what I'm doing... and in my personal life, having a new framework of values... has completely changed everything."
Lawyer & Mother of Twins
"Your guidance was so tailored to me... You really helped me focus... and identify the very concrete action items... I was having a hard time putting those together fast enough. You really helped me work through the options, the paths, what those end results would look like, decide if those are the results I wanted... That's invaluable... It makes the process so much easier... Really grateful that I found you."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"I was flailing trying to figure out what was next. [Now] after working with you, I have direction, ownership and agency in a way I didn't have before. I started my own practice so I could set my own rules... I would have been hesitant to step out on this journey before [the program]. It was really helpful to stay focused and goal oriented. I feel much more confident about where I am and where I'm going and my ability to take care of myself and go after the things that I want."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"The biggest difference has been my entire outlook on life... my confidence has increased, my relationships have improved...[I got] the sign-on bonus I asked for... It's been the single most important thing for my self-development that I've ever done."
Lawyer & Future Mom
"This program took me from a job that I hated to a job that I love working part-time, from home, with full-time benefits... If you're at all considering this program, I would say definitely, definitely do it. Your future self will thank you."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"I would say [enroll in this program] yesterday. This is not your typical career coaching. You will actually feel heard and supported. And you will be challenged to confront the things that are getting in the way of you having the career that you want."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"I was feeling pretty stuck in my career, like I was never going to get out of litigation... [now] I have a new job where I'm not litigating but still working as an attorney, using my best skills that you helped me pinpoint... I wanted more flexibility, better pay, and not to litigate and learn some more skills and work with people and that's what I [have now] in my current job... It's just the right fit and I feel happier - and I'm a better mom as a result."
Lawyer & Mother of 1
"My confidence has totally skyrocketed since beginning this program. I had been stuck for awhile and you helped me start to see myself as a leader, even before I left my old job. 
Then you helped me find a new job was a better fit and you helped me stay positive, motivated, and effective as I was searching for the right position. I'm so much happier and less stressed now."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"I got a new job. My marriage improved. My health improved. My confidence improved. This program has changed so much for me."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"This is preventative medicine for lawyer moms. We need this."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"It's only been a few weeks and I can't tell you how much this program is changing my life. Issues that have been blocking me my entire career are now just entirely gone. I feel like a new person. Thank you."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"This is changing everything. The way I interact with my boss and colleagues. How they're treating me. My interactions with my kids at home. I can't tell you what a difference this is already starting to make, just six weeks in."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"Charise is a highly skilled, intelligent, intuitive, and versatile coach who always seems to know exactly what to say to help me figure out how to move forward. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who needs a coach."
Lawyer & Mother of 2
"Charise is a born teacher and guide! After agonizing for months to 'find time' to job search effectively after taking time off to be at home with my kids, Charise got me on track in just a couple of sessions with practical tools and just the right amount of accountability. The space of working moms is in need of Charise - her approach feels so well researched, and her discipline (clearly part of who she is and developed as a successful attorney) encouraged me in the direction I needed to find a job I love, and get my life in enough order to be able to feed and love my kids!"
Lawyer & Mother of Twins
"The thing that stands out the most from my work with Charise is just how incredibly efficient it was! I left every session with what felt like a groundbreaking revelation that has allowed me to shift my life in more positive, productive, and joyful directions. She helped me unpack and re-write the core beliefs and habits that I have been bumping up against as long as I can remember."
Assistant Dean & Mother of 1
"Before coaching, I was struggling with work-life balance, setting boundaries, and figuring out how to grow my role at work. The program was a good mix of soul searching and practical tools that helped me focus on my goals and manage my time. With these tools, I was able to get the confidence to approach my boss about growing my role. This coaching is one of the most valuable gifts you can make time for, especially as a professional and a mom."
Non-Profit Program Director & Mother of 2
"I was in a difficult work situation when fate intervened and I met Charise. Her approach was instrumental in allowing me to take control, instead of feeling like events were happening to me. With her assistance, I have transformed my experience at work and have gotten promoted! Plus, I've applied her approach to non-career related issues with the same positive results. I highly recommend Charise!"
Lawyer & Mother of 3
"I am starting off to a strong 2019 after going through an insightful coaching program with Charise Naifeh. If you're looking to clarify your career goals and overcome obstacles that may be in your way, I highly recommend this program."
Entrepreneur & Mother of 2
"Working with Charise gave me a safe place to explore a career change. In a short time we were able to explore all possible ideas of optional careers, and then work to narrow down a few possible ones, and then execute a play of next steps to go after my dream job. Fast forward to today and I have my dream job! Charise has a way of being extremely compassionate and warm, and still able to keep me moving forward and accountable on my next steps and goals."
Managing Director & Mother of 3
“I was stuck in a rut, feeling rudderless and paralyzed. From the first session, Charise helped me see beyond my self-doubt. She used her intelligence, instincts, communication, and skills to help me overcome setbacks, stay focused, and pin down my next career move. If you have ever been part of a sports team, you know a good coach does more than outline how a game is won. A good coach guides, inspires, and empowers their athletes. Just as in sport, you get out of coaching what you put into it. Charise has helped me get the most out of my efforts with her inspired coaching.”
Community Organizer & Mother of 1
“Before this program, I was struggling to decide whether to change my current job. The program helped me evaluate my strengths and empowered me to start taking action. I loved that each session was tailor-made to my personal challenges. If you would like to make a job transition or are unsatisfied with your current job, this program is perfect for you. It gives you the opportunity to explore and evaluate your options and change your attitude to help you succeed.”
Foreign Embassy Officer & Mother of 1

There's a better way

My clients and I are proof that there’s another way. 

You can create a successful legal career on your terms. 

You just need the proven formula and the right support.